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About Your Meetings

Which of these statements best describes the current situation with your group's meetings? *

Good news!
This program is designed for you. We can help you create a plan and put it in action. First, let’s look at what you’ve got going already.

It sounds like you have a good idea of what's needed, which will speed up the process. Let’s explore where this program could help you get results faster.

We work with many clients in the same situation. It sounds like you may need more help with resources and tools, rather than training, but let’s dig a bit deeper first.

Ok. Sounds fascinating - let’s keep going and see what we learn.

What works well in your meetings (most of the time)? *

Please select any effective meeting habits your organization already has in place.

0 - 3: Ouch.
We think you’ll recognize some of the common problems we’ll ask about later.

4 - 5: Sounds about average.
Most meetings work at a basic level, but they could be better.
This program may be just what your group needs to go from surviving meetings to thriving in them.

6+ -  Wow, that’s impressive!
You may not need the full Effective Meeting Results program. Instead, we may want to explore smaller services that target those last few challenges.
Let's continue and see what we discover.

Common Meeting Problems Despite any good habits your group has, which of these common meeting problems do you see on a regular basis?

Do you struggle with limited resources? *

Answer "Yes" if:
Some people in the group can run effective meetings, but they aren't always available. Other meetings suffer due to time limitations and conflicting priorities that prevent people from getting to the planning and preparation necessary for meetings to succeed.
We can definitely help here. Teams that use our expert meeting administrators see time savings of up to 30% for current staff.

Are meetings poorly organized? *

Answer "Yes" if:
People don't always know why they're meeting, meetings feel scattered or rushed, topics are all over the place, and attendees regularly leave frustrated.
Getting standard meeting agendas designed for your process will improve this dramatically.

Do you struggle with poor participation and engagement in meetings? *

Answer "Yes" if:
People show up late, check cell phones or email in the meeting, and/or just a few people tend to dominate the discussion.
This is a culture issue that you can combat with some basic facilitation skills.
We’ll show you how.

Do meetings often fail to get results? *

Answer "Yes" if:
There are no published notes, next steps are unclear, decisions aren’t remembered, and work progress regularly loses momentum.
A lack of results is a natural consequence of poorly designed and led meetings.
We use a combination of facilitation training and improved meeting structure to turn this around.

Does your group fail to follow-through after meetings? *

Answer "Yes" if:
Meeting action items are ignored or completed late, no one follows-up to see if tasks are completed, and/or agreements don't stick, causing discussions to get repeated in later meetings.
A little bit of automation goes a long way here. We’ll help you use the Lucid platform to solve the bulk of this problem.  

During the adoption phase of the program, we will put members of our team in place to make sure that the automated follow-up gets that irreplaceable human touch.

Do you have poor visibility into meeting effectiveness? *

Answer "Yes" if:
People who didn’t attend a meeting have no idea what happened there, and/or managers can’t evaluate whether their teams run effective meetings.
The Lucid platform will make meetings transparent - if people remember to take notes. Good news: our team can help there too.

Are meetings frequently dysfunctional? *

Answer "Yes" if:
People leave feeling, stressed, frustrated, confused, unsettled, unclear about next steps and/or in conflict with one another.
Now here’s a worthy challenge.

Unfortunately, major meeting dysfunction is usually a sign of a bigger problem in the organization. We're guessing you already know that.

Fortunately, running better meetings will make it easier to see where the real problem lies and how to tackle it. Effective meetings can be the keystone habit that sparks the change your organization needs.

If you had a magic wand, what are the top three things you would change about your meetings?

About Your Interest in The Effective Meeting Results Program

Which parts of the program interest you most? *

The Effective Meeting Results program is a fully comprehensive offering, combining training, technology, and execution services into a single program.

Not every group is interested in or needs the full program. Which of these services sounds like a fit for your group?

Which kind of meetings are you most interested in improving? *

We ask because this helps us determine if the Lucid team can help, or if we should recommend other experts who specialize in the kind of meetings you need to run.

On a scale of 10, how important is it for your organization to improve meetings within the next year? *

Would you like to schedule a free consultation? *

Hopefully this survey has helped you understand the problems this program solves, and how it may apply to your situation. Now that you know more, are you interested in scheduling the free consultation call with a Lucid expert?
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